BEAUTY editorial with Anastasia Samohovetc featured in VOLITION MAGAZINE in the MAY Edition 2018.  

Surfing through Instagram as I usually do in the mornings, I found Anastasia and thought to myself, I would love to photograph her amazing face. Later after researching more about Anastasia, I discovered not only was she a beautiful model, but also an incredible Contemporary Visual Artist. I invited her to my studio to meet with me, as it is essential meeting my subjects before a shoot, if it can be arranged. Learning about my subjects has a profound affect on the way I approach the story. My initial idea started off as a very theatrical vision as she reminded me so much of British Actress/model Tilda Swinton, however, after meeting Anastasia, my vision changed when she shared her passion for art with me. After seeing her work, I decided I had to do something bold to compliment her artistic personality using color gels. Shooting with color gels in this fashion shoot, was an amazing learning experience blending the gels to compliment the makeup. !~

We were all so happy as we began to see everything blend together in front of our eyes, watching it unfold beautifully. !~ Anastasia was so graceful in these beautiful hues as her emotions portray in each image. I later fell in love with and purchased one of her prints from her series “MODE”, featured below along with a picture of Anastasia working in her studio. !~

Thank you Anastasia for letting me experiment “Alluring Hues” with you, and thank you to my amazing collaborators. !~


Model/Artist - Anastasia Samohovetc

Make-up - Tanya Marques

Lighting Assistant - Berk Dogan

Retoucher - Ilya Ignatchenko





2018_VOLITION_EDITION_I250 MAY_2018.jpg
2018_VOLITION_EDITION_I251 MAY_2018.jpg
2018_VOLITION_EDITION_I252 MAY_2018.jpg
2018_VOLITION_EDITION_I253 MAY_2018.jpg
2018_VOLITION_EDITION_I254 MAY_2018.jpg
2018_VOLITION_EDITION_I255 MAY_2018.jpg
2018_VOLITION_EDITION_I256 MAY_2018.jpg
2018_VOLITION_EDITION_I257 MAY_2018.jpg
Anastasia at her studio.png
Anastasia Samohovetc-MODE Series Artwork.png
Source: www.volitionmagazine.com