Excited to announce my client has been featured in FLAWLESS MAGAZINE in February's Exclusive.  It was a great experience in my studio with Juanita Louis and her husband Mackendy. !~ 

Their goal in hiring me was to create a different direction for her, something new and trendy. Forever fascinated by the power of transformation, after reviewing Juanitas portfolio, I thought of something with a modern seventies vibe. Using her natural hair in full bloom, in poses that would represent her moving forward and bending towards the light. !~

This shoot’s unfolding was magical and hilarious behind the scenes, as each one of us had several different roles in creating this vision. Besides her modeling career, she is a physician assistant at the New York Neuro and Rehab Center in Manhattan. She graduated from St. John’s University with a bachelor’s degree in science. She says, “Going forward, is to create an entrepreneurial venture opening up a hair salon, focusing on the importance of women’s natural healthy hair". This is what inspired the shoots theme, focusing on her natural gorgeous hair, and her natural beauty. !~ Her husband, also her manager, surprisingly styled her hair for the shoot. !~  

A final product that benefits her growth as a model and moving forward in a new direction. !~ Such an exciting amazing couple to work with. !~

My wishes for Juanita is to continue to blossom towards the light. !~ 


Model - Juanita Louis

Wearing Zara- and Vintage Coat

Make-Up Artist- Tanya Marques

Hair - Mackendy Louis



Natural Beauty

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