Excited to announce editorial “Raw Beauty” is featured in ELEGANT MAGAZINE in December 2017. 

Their goal in hiring me was to create a different direction for her, something new and trendy. After reviewing Juanitas portfolio I thought of something with a today's seventies vibe with her natural hair in full bloom in poses that would represent her moving forward and bending towards the light. 

This shoot’s unfolding was magical and hilarious behind the scenes as each one of us had several different roles in creating this vision. Besides her modeling career, she is a physician’s assistant at the New York Neuro and Rehab Center in Manhattan. She graduated from St. John’s University with a bachelor’s degree in science and physician assistant studies. She says going forward "is to create an entrepreneurial venture opening up a hair salon focusing on the importance of women’s natural healthy hair". This is what inspired the shoots theme, focusing on her natural gorgeous hair, and her raw beauty. !~ Her husband, also her manager, surprisingly styled her hair for the shoot. !~  

A final product that benefits her growth as a model and moving forward into a new direction. !~ Such an amazing and exciting couple to work with. !~

Model - Juanita Louis

Wearing Zara- And Vintage Coat

Make-Up Artist- Tanya Marques

Hair - Mackendy Louis



Raw Beauty

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Source: www.elegantmag.com