Excited to announce my editorial “The Subject & The Artist” is featured in the FW17 Estela Fashion Magazine.

This particular editorial really began two to three years ago when I discovered a tear sheet from an overseas fashion magazine, with a color pallet from a make-up ad. I fell in love with the color pallet and decided to save it for something in the future.

An agency in Florida was featuring model Anai Ekalino, and asked me to photograph her. The agency wanted something different for Anai as her look was similar to that of Alek Wek. The goal was to create an editorial that tells Anai's story, bringing her elegance to life.  

After reviewing Anai’s portfolio, I thought something timeless and classic with muted tones would be the inspiration. Then I remembered the tear sheet, scrambled to find it, and decided it was going to be the color pallet and theme for the editorial. I asked a dear friend to create a large painting of color the pallet to include as a prop, and used the same patterns for her make up. !~

For the shoot, the most challenging part, was explaining the concept/vision to my team. The painting becomes the model and the model becomes the painting-not an easy feat. However, in the end my team was surprised and delighted with the painterly vision I had in mind.

Believing in my idea and fueling my intentions, was key to the approach of the final outcome. This shoot was definitely a reminder, when inspired by a mere spark of an idea, follow it through and the momentum will carry you better than you ever imagined. !~ 


Model - Anai Ekalino

Designer- Gabrielle Carlson

Hair & Make-Up Artist- “Le Artiste”

Lighting Assist- Francois Bonneau

Jewelry Designed by Carla Marina Sardeira



Fashion Editorial-Estela Magazine-Hoke.jpg
Fashion Editorial-Estela Magazine FW17-Hoke.jpg
Fashion Editorial-Estela Magazine FW17-Hoke.jpg
Fashion Editorial-Estela Magazine FW17-Hoke.jpg
Fashion Editorial-Anai Ekalino-Hoke.jpg