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Sylvia, Thank YOU; I really enjoyed our meeting. I was not sure what to expect so was nervous at first and also didn’t realize that headshots is so much more than just a photo...I really appreciate you taking the time to speak with me and help me really zero in on what I want, what image I want to project out into the world, and how that intimately connects with the type of person I am and want to be. I was really inspired and even on the way to work yesterday stopped in at AllSaints to browse clothes. ! I am looking forward to working with you and so would like to confirm this collaboration! -Evangeline

Wow! Just wow! What an amazing day I had. I’m so glad I finally reached out to you. This journey for me has been awesome. As I continue I look forward to you being a part of it. I will truly do what you said. I needed a goal and a reason. This is my reason. I truly love acting. My mind and body seek more. I will keep in touch. Thank you so much for having the wardrobe service available, I don’t favor going shopping.!~. It’s going to be awesome. Thanks so much. Joe Thuet -Delaware

Sylvia is a photographer who transforms you, before she even snaps her first photo. Weeks before our session, Sylvia and I sat down and discussed our careers, our inspirations, our passions and our visions of the future. Sylvia is in the business of evolution. She captures the essence of what makes you-you-and projects the possibilities of where you can go. When Sylvia finally revealed the shots we had taken, it was like I saw the star that I’ve been chasing after my whole life, right in front of me. -Sean Moran


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