Richard Avedon 

Richard Avedon 

As a mere teenager thumbing through books at the Photographers Place in Soho, home to some of the most valued books in photography when I was inspired by the late Richard Avedon. I was astonished by his infamous image "Dorina with the Elephants", and decided right then and there, I had to study photography. Soon after I picked up my first camera, a Canon AE-1 (which I still own today), and from there everything clicked. My passion found me. !~

I went on to study at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City and it quickly became my life.

Learning what a powerful tool a camera is in depicting each moment and each person in a split second, astounded me. Over time, I developed my practice with the intention of finding my subjects and appreciating who they are first. Connecting to my subjects prior to the shoot, is an essential part of the process. I like to study the faces of each subject before the shoot in order to take advantage of their features. I enjoy getting to know about their diverse personalites to obtain information to produce an authentic image. The faces of all my subjects are full of information, a reflection of each incredible story. !~  

There are never two shoots that are the same, therefore my images differ from one another. I love the range of possibilites I get to create specifically for each individuals needs, as all my clients needs differ from one another.

In addition to being behind the camera, I often play the role of Creative Director in charge of set design, styling and props in order to produce a unifed image that compliments my clients and gracious muses. !~  

When I am not shooting I love to go walking around and biking in a quaint little town by the Delaware Water Gap, Frenchtown. Immersing myself in nature, shopping in small local shops for my shoots, and eating amazing food with great friends. !~  

The latest works start at the beginning and ends with the oldest to about 2011. 




"Four Visions, "Theatro La Tea, NYC, Group Exhibition June 13, 2008

"Exposicao Coletiva", Gallery Municipal, Sao Bras de Alportel, Portugal Exhibtion April 1 - April 12, 2008

"Rural Landscapes" The Art at Eighteen, Milford, NJ Exhibition September 29 - November 29, 2007

"Galeria do Museu, Sao Bras Portugal September 8 - November 9, 2007

"Art Viva" Exhibition, Sao Bras de Alportel, Portugal July 14, 2007

"What the World Needs Now Is Love" Harry's Loft, NYC, First Solo Exhibition and Benefit Auction, September 8, 2006 

"Saturday Night Sunday Morning" , African American Museum, Philadelphia Exhibition April 9- September 17, 2005, extended to a traveling Exhibition 2006-2006, Debra Willis -Curator



2002 Studied Photography at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City

2005-2008 Exhibited/Landscape Photography

2009-2018 Currently focusing on Head shots, Portraits, and Fashion Editorial Photogaphy